Dino-tastic Hoodie

Dino-tastic Hoodie


We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out.
― Colin Mochrie

I had a wonderful time in Sydney, but it is so good to be back on the farm again – sleeping in an actual bed, babies in their own room, loads of space…. and of course, access to a sewing machine!

I have big plans for sewing carefully thought out, beautifully constructed, wardrobe building garments for myself (well, I can aspire to that), but tonight I just wanted to sew something fast for a little instant gratification. I finished unpacking and was putting away my fabric (oh so much fabric), when I came on this:


60 cm of dinosaur print fleece. I know exactly what I can use that for:

This is a pattern I’ve made a few times now for my boys, the instructions are easy to follow, and I’m familiar enough with it now to tweak the pattern pieces. I made a zip-front hoodie with no ribbing, just because I could.

Knowing that this is going to be worn by at least two very active little boys I made sure to stitch, overlock then topstitch almost every seam to be as strong as I could make it.


Yes, it takes me that many pins to ease a sleeve cap. 

The hood front

It took me more than an hour to figure out the best placement for the pieces, it was a small piece of fabric with nothing to spare, and I wanted to make sure the stripes lined up. It was worth it, I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

I even managed to pin a tail on the T-Rex. Win!
I even managed to pin a tail on the T-Rex. Win!

It’s not finished, it needs a zipper sewn in and then a good press, but it’s as finished as I can make it until I go buy a zipper on my next trip into town.


The almost-soon-to-be-finished hoodie
Fabric: Remnant from The Fabric Cave

Pattern: Based on Burda 9672. I made a few changes to the pattern and construction, mostly because didn’t want to use ribbing and wanted a full zip-front, not a jumper.

Liked: Dinosaur hoodie + 2 year old boy = what’s not to like? Also, I managed to get all the dinosaurs right way up 🙂

Disliked: Matching the stripes. It took me more time to place the pattern and cut out the pieces than to actually sew the thing together. I am really pleased with the results, but I’ll think twice before choosing such a bold pattern on a little garment.

Would I make it again? Absolutely.


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